Tagging along

Last year, Ryan’s cousin Adam told us about a trip he, Loan (girlfriend), Dan (brother), and Kerwin (father) were taking to Norway. Ryan and I never pass up a chance to travel to a new place, so we asked if we could tag along. Luckily, the timing worked out perfectly for us, and we were able to join them.

Selfie at JFK: Waiting for our flight

Selfie at JFK: Waiting for our flight

Huge thanks to Adam and Dan for planning an awesome trip! Ryan and I were total slackers, barely looking at any plans until two weeks before the trip. Adam and Dan planned a great route, starting in Bergen, heading down to Pulpit Rock, up to glaciers in Jostadalbreen, continuing up to Alesund, across to Ringebu, followed by Lillehammer, and finishing in Oslo. While it was a lot of driving, we really enjoyed having the flexibility of a car, and the view around each curve was more breathtaking than the last, and there were a lot of curves.


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